• 9:00
    The Analyzing of the Current Situation

    Over 3 trillion CNY already in 2018, however, the Chinese baby and child industry market are still waiting for being feed. Millennial parents with the decrease of price sensitivity, the family monthly average expenditure on the kid are increased, which may be a hint that opportunity always beside with challenge in this industry. Ultra-high-end baby and child market ushered more opportunities, the early childhood education market is exploding, product demand market is ever-changing. The layout of baby and child ecology must be enforced! How to insight and forecast the demand of customer? How to unearth more personalization and enriched parent-child products and services? Create a more competitive business model etc., these become the obligatory course for all the people who are working in the baby and child industry. New trends and new models are coming out in every moment, New Retail, community E-commerce etc., new entrance of internet flow is taking in the center position of the market. A new power of consumption is rising in developing regions of China. Full area marketing and content connectivity are gradually becoming a consensus. Where is the future direction? How to find the opportunity and catch it? …

  • 9:30
    The Development of Global Market Situation

    In the era of globalization, the international baby and child market environment has changed a lot.  Extension, cooperation, and strategic merger become the mainstream of across industries and companies in the baby and child market. Under the background of consumption upgrade, insight into the consumer’s true demand, grasp the world market developing trends, solve the problem of brand communication etc., will be the hot topics in this industry. With the baby and child market provides more diversified products and services to consumers, special industries are coming on the way!

    • Focus Market: China,  America, Europe, Japan, etc.

  • 10:00
    Panel:Innovation & Transformation - Helping Corporates to Win the Future

    2019, the baby and child industry is full of exploration and eager for innovation and transformation upgrading. Corporate innovation supports the new brand rapidly rising and try to perform an “overtake on the bend” in old fashion brand. Only comprehensive and continuous innovation can keep corporates competitive. Employees are one of the important sources of corporates innovation. How to truly encourage their own interests and self-motivation to innovate is a challenge for all corporates. Using innovation mechanisms to stimulate employee creativity seems like a good idea. Certainly, looking for external innovation or joint innovation, Introducing intelligent business operation models into corporates innovation development may be a viable way as well. Or to combine two aspects can help the corporates to achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

    • Recruitment and cultivating innovative talents

    • An Intelligent operation, creating higher value

    • Seeking external cooperation - Create a win-win situation

  • 10:45
    Tea Break & One to One Meeting


  • 11:15
    Panel: Listen to the Cost Voice - Is It Worth Burning Money to Grab the Market?

    Nourished by the demographic dividend, the baby and child industry has grown savagely. Unexpectedly, the vision of taking up more land for nourishment, bring almost the entire industry into the mud of the price war. The price war, in fact, cannot solve the current problems in the baby and child market but will exacerbate the severity of the issue: the sacrifice of quality and service hurt the goods themselves, harm consumers as well. To the maternal and infant e-commerce as an example, the state administration of market supervision and management of release: 2018 Spot check of children's articles traded online, overall unqualified commodity detection rate was 28.9%,  1.9% higher than in 2017 (27%),these products include children's shoes and clothes, baby diapers, rollerblading, toys, baby scooters, and baby straps (bag). Just one problem, fake, has exhausted consumers' trust in maternal and infant e-commerce and brought a heavy blow to it. Reality rings alarm bells, the surviving enterprises from the price war, it may be time to think about the next ten years.

    • What are the excellent qualities of products that consumers are willing to pay for?

    • How to effectively alleviate the impact of the price war?

    • Can we really ignore the cost problem behind the quality and safety temporarily?

    • After quality inspection and certification, does high pricing hurt merchants or consumers?
  • 12:00
    The Analyzing of Consumer Demands - How to Easily Handle Millennial Moms?

    With millennials are becoming parents, the consumption pattern of the entire baby market has been changed. According to the ACNielsen report, ‘the new generation of mothers will gradually become the mainstream consumers, whose contribution to the domestic consumer market will increase to 35% by 2020.’ The data also shows that the top four Internet services commonly used by young mothers are "social platforms, e-commerce shopping guides, parent-child, and video entertainment”. Compare to all internet devices of young mothers used to contact social media, the mobile phone is on the top-ranked. The power of the Internet to influence and even manipulate its users cannot be denied. There is more than 47 percent of social media users share their idea and feelings on the online platform. Around 81% of mothers who make shopping decisions rely on passing the decision to an acquaintance or KOL. The online comment will affect consumers. Moreover, it has become one of the important factors affecting consumers purchasing decisions. Where is the tempo of young mothers?  let us try to get it!

  • 12:30
  • 14:00
    New Retail Digitalization

    In the next few years, the New Retail of the baby and child industry perhaps rapidly development. It will step into the 3.0 era successfully and realize the comprehensive digitalization. 3.0 New Retail era will satisfy user demands and experience as the core, through the comprehensive data of commodities, members, transactions, marketing, etc. Further, it drives supply chain digital transformation from the downstream to the upstream, bringing online and offline borderless integration. With the outbreak of consumption potential in the third- to sixth-tier cities, the brand side is ready to start changing direction. China's lower city tiers will be the next key market. A large number of dealers sell goods to third- to sixth-tier cities, but they do not know how to lead such cities to participate in the online promotion. In fact, Tmall, JD.com, and other giants of e-commerce would like to enter the third to sixth-tier cities as well, in order to achieve the scenes are linked to help them get more consumers.

    • New Retail process analysis to explore the digitization

    • From splitting to interconnection, how does the baby and child industry uses  digitization force new retail?

    • How to tap the potential market in China's lower city tiers?

  • 14:30
    Using Technical Strength & Humanized Service to Create the Omnichannel Innovation Model

    For baby and child industry, Take omnichannel as a starting point, a new era of retail is coming. With the rising cost of baby-child marketing, the traditional stores is lack of enough consumers. Therefore, the major baby and child brand owners attach great importance to the accurate access to customer resources, the effective maintenance and sales conversion of their members. Faced with integrating the online e-commerce market and offline stores, marketers are gradually putting more emphasis on seizing the opportunity to reach consumers and achieving accurate personalized marketing. Based on big data analysis and accurate forecast of market demand, through cross-education, cross parent-child, cross amusement, cross swimming, and other markets to joint construction with the baby and child retail. Those, in order to provide users with more consumption scenarios and more perfect experience services. Build omni-channel, maybe it is a smarter way to prolong user life cycle effectively.

    • O2O Integration——Online diversion + Offline layout

    • How to create personalized marketing?

    • Big data analysis paving omnichannel construction

  • 15:00
    Panel: Will the Multi-scenario HelpsRetail to Achieve the Offline Increase?

    Multi-scenes retail is being built, in order to omnidirectional satisfy the new demand from different families, we are working on it. In a changeable business environment, and in sales targets increase situation. User experience drives sales volume increase is released a strong signal. Scene experience is an important gateway to leverage sales, the offline scene experience might be more humanistic and deeply understanding the demand of users. In addition, multi-dimensional scene experience such as the enterprise internal in the mall, the enterprise internal in the public area, the scene experience is created for the corporates internal employees, maybe the scene experience will bring more unexpected results. In a word, grasping these potential users, the retail will do more with less. So, hold it, we can win!

    • How does the scene experience serve for retail?

    • Scene experience - focus on building potential users

  • 15:45
    Tea Break & One to One Meeting
  • 16:15
    Is the Content Marketing Suitable for ‘Me’ ?

    Content marketing, let the user fall in love with the brand. Since 2016, content marketing has become a new direction of marketing methods. Especially under a pressure of enormous new entrants, marketing companies began to expand the values of corporates by content which helped corporates to grab consumers and develop their brand. Through a 3 years development, fields of content marketing have extended to Netizen IP content, live video and paid content. Although content marketing captures the new generation of parents' interest in marketing points and branding points, due to their increasing comprehension and insight, content marketing has entered a bottleneck period. Content marketing needs to be upgraded in urgent.

    • How does the creative content linkage channel enhance branding results?

    • How to create tailored branded IP content?

    • Cross-border IP marketing for co-creation, sharing and mutual prosperity

  • 16:45
    The Secret - Behind the Great Brands

    Same values can always attract the same type of group people, they will have a strong sense of belonging and identity. In other words, once the brand image is established, its unique concept will attract a group of loyal customers. Extinction the group of users, is there any thing that brand can do?

    • How to create a new brand from 0 to 1?

    • Brand rejuvenation, not just a marketing plan

  • 9:00
    The Starting Line of Overcoming Thinking Barriers - A Different R&D Process

    Traditional R&D steps are inefficient and long-lasting. The process from generating ideas to a real product often takes weeks or even months. Regarding product update, there is another big cycle which takes lots of time and cost, and the final feedback may often be “It looks good, just not useful.” Too much noise makes companies cannot receive feedback in real time and products cannot serve users more effectively. Can you imagine that to use only five days to complete the research and development process of a product? “Uber” and “Bluebottle” are two famous examples of five-day brainstorming. From conception to validate, it only takes five days which is efficient, cost saving, and the final product is more mature. Using a different R&D process might be a new idea in the future to drive product innovation.

  • 9:30
    New Material, New Package, New Design for New Product

    The products famous among social media have some similar characteristics: easy to use, new concept and good looking. Some of them are outstanding, but most of them are just a flash in the pan. To maintain the vitality of product after marketing, which needs back to product design. No matter the appearance or quality, all need to meet the demand of the main user.

    Materials as the basic element structured product cannot be ignored which decides the maximum level of function and appearance. The material should be considered when designing a new product, and new material offers more possibility as well. Moreover, a package is an important media for delivering the first impression of a product. Besides explaining what is inside, the distinguished design and being a sign of brand is more critical. For instance, the packaging of Coca Cola is always changing with a similar look, but it cannot be denied that every version is well-designed. The markable red leads a strong association of its brand.

    • Presenting new materials that surprised you.

    • How to create a brand packaging design style to increase brand identity?

    • The latest research and method of application related to new materials in product design

  • 10:00
    Breaking the Innovation Dilemma: Product Innovation in the Age of Big Data

    Chinese consumers are considered to be the pickiest consumers in the world. Their demands and preferences are frequently changed over time. In China, the generation born from 1900-2000 is converting into the main consumers of infant or child products, and they might be the pickiest consumers among Chinese consumers. Many perspectives of the product will be concerned through purchasing progress, for example, scientificalness, efficiency, style etc. It is a great challenge for a company to make innovation in such a situation, and big data might be what you need to satisfy these fussy consumers.

    • What is the first stage when using big data to make product innovation?

    • How does the use of big data for market data analysis help design?

    • How to use big data to involve users in the design process?

    • Case study: (Xiaomi)

  • 10:30
    Tea Break & One to One Meeting
  • 11:00
    Is the Integration of Technology Into Products a New Way Out for Traditional Enterprises?

    Integration with new technology is a trend in baby and child industry. New technologies have penetrated the industry in many ways, for instance, augmented reality (AR) technology is often used to show children biological structure, an artificial intelligence (AI) partner is a new friend of child and virtual reality (VR) devices show different worlds to children. Children have a higher acceptance of new technology, and the new generation of parents are more open mind to these products. At the same time, new companies are also booming, in toys, robots, education, wearable equipment, and other industries. Faced with such pressure, how should traditional enterprises innovate? How to integrate technology into products? Here might you find new inspirations.

  • 11:30
    Localization Strategy in China: Integrate Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements into Product Design.

    The love of traditional Chinese culture in the Chinese market is beyond our imagination. An over 1 billion RMB sales of the Forbidden City’s products in recent years is persuasive evidence. The localization strategy in China is not just a Chinese version translate, but a powerful link relates to their traditional culture. Due to the long historical background of Chinese culture, chinalization is harder than people thought. Inappropriately chinalizing would lead a negative reaction in the Chinese market. While an appropriate utilize of these elements on products could explode the market. In China, the demand for chinalized products keeps rising. It is time to step into this market. Join with us to understand the Chinese design theories and how to integrate them into product design.

  • 12:00
  • 14:00
    Building a Community of Common Destiny, Establishing a New Baby-child Ecology

    Millennials parents are constantly seeking the latest and greatest products that strike a chord with them. With the development of society, the pace of life accelerating, today's consumers don't only want to buy a product, they want to buy a lifestyle.

    • Creating a Customer-Centric Business Model

    • How hot products target consumers? A creative need is a key role!

    • Cross-border integration: Building a connected service for the product

  • 14:30
    Differentiation Strategy: Gaining Future Competitive Advantage

    As one of the industry with the most fierce homogeneous competition, consumers may often face the question of Why We need another similar thing. There are many benefits that parents value and look for when purchasing a product. Below are the two ways to create differentiation

    • With the market change, is now a good time to take differentiate?

    • How to find product differentiation?

    • Differentiation strategy should be executed better!

    • Show off Your Product Differentiation in a Right Way
  • 15:00
    Panel:How to Become the Next Investment Goals?

    Maternal & child industry emerges as the new darling of investors driven by new consumer scenarios.  Early childhood education had attracted capital last year. So, in the next chapter, how does the new capital story unfold?

    • Financing Difficulties of SMEs: Is it just a question of lack of credit?

    • Focus on building your unique advantages to attract investors

    • Focus on building your unique advantages to attract investors

    • How to find a great brand that might be born in the trillions of the baby market?

    • Brand support——Excellent investors always escort for the company

  • 15:45
    Exploring the Global Market is A Great Idea

    The weakness of domestic demand and Sino-US trade war is impressed for us.

    Based on the dual-factor, the fast-growing baby industry has slowed down. Then, looking for growth potential? We all want to know how to do. So, come here, and listening more to learn how to make blue ocean strategic moves in the overseas area.

    • How to grasp international Market environment?

    • The way to expand overseas channels

  • 16:15
    The Sustainable Development Goals are the Blueprint to Achieve a Better Future!

    In 2019, with China enter a high-cost parenting era, household-expenditure on baby products is gradually increasing. Baby industry enters a new watershed and we should create something new in order to ensure future development. Perhaps, we can grasp the next chance to achieve new breakthroughs

    • Who influenced your sustainable path?

    • How to draw a blueprint for sustainable development?

    • Green development is a good deal!

  • 9:00
    With Comprehensive Data, Planning a Better Future

    In China, the expected baby boom did not promote the related market to move towards magnificently. In theory, the full implementation of the new family planning policy and the emergence of the echo period of the third baby boom may push China's population to another peak that baby and child industry will benefit first, which means that these incremental baby will also facilitate the considerable growth of consumption of the toy industry in the future. In fact, the fertility intentions of the new generation of women of childbearing age have been on the decline. Additionally, several years after the implementation of the new policy, the peak of baby boom formed by the accumulation of fertility is difficult to keep in that the small peak of the baby boom is already showing signs of an avalanche and the changes in the toy market are capricious and elusive.

    • Survival situation and development prospect of the market segment of the toy industry

    • Developing the high-end toy market  V.S  Sticking to the low-end toy market

    • The real relationship & the push-pull effect between the policy implementation and the toy market

  • 9:30
    Grasping the Scale Accurately, Creating the Sales Channels Comprehensively

    The concern from Chinese is very comprehensive. Are you married? Having babies? What toys did you buy? Where did you buy it? Is it convenient? safe? cheap? or have any free service? Parenting concepts, toys styles, and consumption channels are getting different over time. Only by distinguishing all channels, accurately positioning the consumption path of the product audience and capturing every possible opportunity, enterprises and practitioners in the industry seem to be expected to reap higher benefits in the ever-changing demand market.

    • How to optimize and broaden sales channels further?

    • How to achieve win-win situation in the online and offline market?

    • If insisting on channel sink, can we entirely grab new business opportunities of the toy industry?

    • How to optimize the layout of maternal and infant ecology and comprehensively improve the sales rate and repeat purchase rate?

  • 10:00
    Gold Quality-How to Build a Brand with High Gold Content?

    In China, when you hear "traditional time-honoured brands" or "old brands", don't be in a hurry to ask what to sell and go to the queue right now, I guess trying your best maybe you can get one Quanjude Roast Duck? the Wu Dalang Clay-oven-rolls? or one hand-made cheongsam? There is no denying that Chinese are fickle and forgetful for various products in the market, however, they have never let go of their obsession with "brands". A good brand brings people not only a sense of intimacy, a sense of security, some dusty memories and stories in the old days, to a certain extent, also can fully meet their vanity. About these, master of brand-building makes always can offer more referenced case.

    • In the face of new market demand, how can traditional brands break away from their inherent image, just like the chrysalis transfigure itself into the butterfly?

    • How to play the market -- analyzing the relationship between brands and consumption habits of consumers?

    • Are brand building and marketing real friends or surface friends?

  • 10:30
    Tea Break & One to One Meeting
  • 11:00
    Catching IP and Authorization - Be the ‘Insider’ of the Superhero Story!

    Popular cartoon images can not only help children to establish a preliminary cognitive system for the surrounding environment but also help them form unique personality and psychological characteristics. Just one minute, may I ask some questions? Justice and astute from spider-man,  courage and strong from Hua Mulan,  clever and kind from pleasant goat, they are the qualities that parents want their children to learn and to develop, aren’t they? However, is it really enough to rely on the limited "film and television education" time every day? If more professionals could turn these intangible cartoon characters and animation images, the children's favorite "teacher", into toys around them to contribute a high-quality growth, does that sound better?

    • What is the focus of the successful development of cartoon toys?

    • With rampant piracy, how to guarantee the profit space of the legal film derivative industry?

    • Authorization V.S Infringement V.S Right-safeguarding - How to clarify and differentiate the focus of dispute?

    • The authorize industry of animation image has to face low-quality operation in the future?

  • 11:30
    Who is the Pioneer on the Road of Innovation in the Toy Industry?

    The sorrow and grief that innovative ideas encounter bottlenecks are profound and unforgettable! Indeed, there is no shortage of innovative talents in the toy industry, in addition, the variety of products they make also can enter the market quickly. However, after a period of time, the new products on the market is often easy to reach saturation, which means that broaden the innovative ideas to help "new friends" to seek a place in the mid-term and long-term toy market is imperative!

    • What are the selling points of the new toys that have long dominated the market?

    • Will consumers pay for toys that incorporate STEAM education concepts?

    • New material and old material, which one is the ultimate leader on toy market in the future?

    • ToysP.KDigital Games - Will toys win? Why?